Our master winemaker

Azpilicueta has a cradle and a journey. A beginning and footprints which bring us to here. It has a you and an I. It has a we.

Elena Adell was born in Logroño in 1958 and has worked in winemaking since 1985. The granddaughter of vineyard growers, she says that “it was almost inevitable that I would end up among vines and wines".

“My aim is not to create the wine that excites me: rather, it is to create the wine that delights my clients”.



Viticulture and oenology

“I have always enjoyed watching things grow”, says Elena, whose love of agriculture stems from childhood, when she would help her grandfather with work in the fields. She came to winemaking “through curiosity, because once I had the grapes in my hand, I wanted to learn more”. Following on from this, Elena studied agricultural engineering at university, specialising in winemaking and oenology.



Diversity and maturity

Elena is a passionate woman that enjoys playing with the possibilities provided by the hundreds of hectares of vineyards that are available to her, with the varieties of grape, and with the different expressions provided by fruit cultivated in a land which changes markedly in its composition, altitude and orientation. Drawing on this diversity, Elena brings different varieties together, combining, learning and creating wines which excite and intrigue consumers without losing the essence of Rioja wine. She is one of those responsible for the timeless state of youthful maturity which is enjoyed by the best wines from La Rioja.

“It’s important to shatter stereotypes, to overcome consumer reservations and to spark their curiosity”.

“I have always enjoyed watching things grow. I came to winemaking out of curiosity, because once I had the grapes in my hand, I wanted to learn more”.

Winery plans

Winery plans

Starting point

A participant in the winery's plans from its earliest stages, Elena created the perfect conditions to expand her love story with the Tempranillo grape. “This amazing winery provides me with the perfect platform to use as a starting point for the values that have made our wines world-renowned”.

We, the winemaking team at Azpilicueta, invite you to share your passion for wine with us and to contact us with any questions that you may have. In the world of wine, as in almost every facet of life, curiosity is the key to learning. In this spirit, please do not leave any of your questions about our wine unanswered: from the stewardship of the vineyards to possible pairings, including questions about the vintages and about conservation and serving of the wine. It will be a pleasure to hear from you.

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“The best wine of all is the one that appeals to the person we share it with”