Our vermouth

Azpilicueta Vermouth Red

  • Varieties Viura
  • Perfect serve Low glass, ice cube, orange slice


Azpilicueta vermouth is made with wormwood botanicals, savory, coriander seeds, oregano and nutmeg.

Color dark brown with reddish tones, mahogany color, clear and bright.

Smell raisin, sweet wine and mature fruit, with spices intensity such as oregano, citric touch (lime) and liquorice soft note.

Flavor Sweet, with a slightly bitter touch, that makes it balanced and fresh, soft and agreable.

Nutritional Information

Per 85 mL.Per 100 mL.)
Energy (kJ/kcal)516 kJ/123 kcal607 kJ/ 145 kcal
Alcohol (g)10 g11,8 g
Fat (g)0 g0 g
    Saturated fat (g)0 g0 g
Carbs (g)13 g15.4 g
    Sugar (g)13 g15.4 g
Proteines (mg)0 g0 g
Solt (g)0 g0 g

For more informationon responsable drinking and nutritional values: www.wineinmoderation.eu


Botanical soul,
distinguished expression

Azpilicueta Vermouth Red