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Colección Privada White

  • DO Rioja DO
  • Varieties Viura
  • Serving 9° – 12°C.


  • Guía Peñín 2018. 91 points- 2016
  • Catavinum World Wine and Spirits Competition 2017. Golden Medal - 2015
  • Catavinum World Wine and Spirits Competition 2016. Golden Medal - 2014
  • Guía Gourmets 2016. 90 points- 2014
  • Premios Baco Cosecha 2015. Golden Medal - 2014
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Un tributo exclusivo a los amantes del vino.

The must has been fermented in American oak barrels with a smooth and prolonged toasting. Following the alcoholic fermentation process, part of the wine has been subject to malolactic fermentation in barrels.

This wine is created from the blending of the different wines obtained.

An elegant and highly complex wine which blends citrus notes with hints of flowers and white fruit, together with pastries, toast and truffles. Delicious in the mouth, with a creamy longevity which merits being enjoyed slowly. But first, we should enjoy its colour: straw-coloured, light and suggestive.

This wine has a very broad range of pairings. Ham, dried fruits, vegetables, fish in sauce, any variety of cheese.

Nutritional information

Per 10 gr of alcohol (100ml) (150 ml.)
Alcohol (%v/v) 12.5 12.5
Calories (Kcal) 75 112
Fat (g) 0 0
Saturates (g) 0 0
Carbs (g) 0.986 1.479
Sugar (g) 0.286 0.429
Proteines (mg) 10 15

For more informationon responsable drinking and nutritional values: www.wineinmoderation.eu

“The new Félix Azpilicueta Colección Privada is the first white wine in the history of Azpilicueta. A well-balanced, elegant and magisterial wine”

Elena Adell

Winemaker Azpilicueta

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Colección Privada White

Blends citrus notes,
with hints of flowers and white fruit

Colección Privada Blanco
Colección Privada Blanco