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Azpilicueta Rosé

  • DO Rioja DO
  • Varieties Viura and Tempranillo
  • Serving 8° – 10°C.


  • Guía Peñín 2015. 90 points- 2013
  • Premios Vino y Mujer 2016. Golden Medal- 2015
  • Premios Vino y Mujer 2015. Golden Medal - 2014
  • Premios Nuevo Vino 2014. Great Golden Medal- 2013
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Un tributo exclusivo a los amantes del vino.

Made from Viura and Tempranillo grapes.

The grapes have been subject to a cold maceration process lasting for several hours in order to obtain a must with the desired colour, aroma and structure. The must has been subject to bleeding for subsequent debourbage.

The clean must and slow, smooth fermentation at a low temperature create a perfumed and persistent wine.

Pale, delicate rose colour.

An intense and exuberant nose, bursting with tropical fruits such as pineapple plus citrus fruits such as lime and grapefruit and also fresh stone fruits such as apricot and cherry, not forgetting subtle notes of classic mulberry and strawberry. A lively texture on the palate, with an acidic freshness that lengthens the echo of this wine.

Perfect with light meats, rice dishes, sushi, pasta, fruit salads, smoked fish and cold meats.

Nutritional information

Per 10 gr of alcohol (100ml) (150 ml.)
Alcohol (%v/v) 12.5 12.5
Calories (Kcal) 74 112
Fat (g) 0 0
Saturates (g) 0 0
Carbs (g) 0.859 1.289
Sugar (g) 0.159 0.239
Proteines (mg) 10 15

For more informationon responsable drinking and nutritional values: www.wineinmoderation.eu

"Azpilicueta Rosé represents a further step forward in consolidating a range of wines which share the quality and unique characteristics of Rioja”.

Elena Adell

Winemaker Azpilicueta

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delicate rose colour.

Azpilicueta Rosado